Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painting your kitchen is a fun and easy task which can save you the cost of replacing your worn cabinets. Doing it yourself leaves can be a daunting task but is easily achievable with very little effort.

Before replacing your old kitchen cabinets, check to see if they can be salvaged with a little paint. You can have several local cabinet makers provide you with their opinion and free estimates. If they’re in decent condition and only require some sanding and a coat of paint, they might be worth saving.

Kitchen Painting

Kitchen Painting Ideas

One of the hottest interior design trends around at the moment is bright and bold hues. They’ve been making their mark in fashion and they’re also making a big impression in the world of design, so it makes sense to embrace the trend when you’re painting your kitchen.

You can be as daring as you want when it comes to choosing the design of your kitchen. It’s entirely up to you whether you decide to paint the kitchen walls in bold patterns or just paint your assembled kitchen cabinets so they’re all in bright colours. If you love luxury kitchens, you should be trying to redecorate yours so it has stylish and contemporary features in it to make it look stunning.

One sleek design option you could try out would be to have all of your cabinets painted red, with black furniture around the room, and chrome work surfaces and appliances throughout the space. This will create a simple, yet effective, colour scheme in the room. Another option could be to go for really daring and bold shades throughout the space.

You could use bright-coloured tiles to create patterns across the walls, opting for complementary colours to paint your cabinets and furniture in. You could make your d├ęcor a bit more interesting by adding some fabrics to help incorporate colour into the space as well. After painting your kitchen units, you could add printed fabric panels to the doors to add a splash of brightness to the space.

Have Fun!

Most importantly don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the project with the rest of the family.