Preventative Home Maintenance is Worth Learning

Measure twice and cut once. It is an old saying but very true. In essence what it means is that we need to plan ahead and take care of things before they become a problem. This holds true for our homes als well. We do the little things now and save ourselves from a lot of hassle and headache later.

Small tasks with Big Impact

Think about it for a moment. There is a lot of home stuff we do every week. Like mow the lawn or take out the trash and sweep the sidewalk. But just under the surface there is a lot of other stuff we need to be doing. The kind of stuff that has a lasting noticeable impact. Especially when it comes to damage from leaks or even residual damage from mold.

Once such thing is the caulking around the kitchen sink and drain. I mean this is something that we all notice but rarely do anything about. The problem is that it could be causing a large problem within our homes. Possible even leading to adverse affects on our families possibly evenĀ mold symptoms.

I know it is a basic example but when you think about it it becomes a major cause for concern. We all use our kitchen sinks each day. Normally several times per day. Just a small crack in the sealant could slowly build into a major mold problem.

To shed light on this you need to understand that mold grows in any area that is wet for more than 2 days. This could easily happen in a sink area that is not properly sealed. People use the sink every few hours. A little water leaks each time. And Voila, a mold problem.

Home Maintenance

Hopefully this little example shows you how important it is to take care of the often overlooked little things around the home. This is just one example. I can give you many from the dirt draining toward the home to eaves that are not properly painted. All pose extreme hazards if not well maintained.

Owning a home is fun. It is oftentimes a great investment and certainly provides a lot of security. But with all of that comes responsibility. Keep that in mind and be diligent on a regular basis. Think of the small home improvement tasks as exercise for you and your home. Your home and health will thank you.